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Web Based Custom Software
Remote Access And Control System Software

GTS Remote Control Systems, with the touch of one touch and the ease of wireless usage, the impact of possible disruptions with web based applications to the companies, To be notified of any trouble in communication with remote maintenance, solutions and system management and the ability to reduce maintenance costs.

Micro GTS-ERP Software

GTSERPs developed in a special and flexible structure for companies' requests Enterprise resource planning or enterprise resource planning (ERP), Resources such as labor, machinery and materials required for the production of goods and services in enterprisesThe common name given to integrated management systems that enable the use of.

GTS-MRP Software

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a computer-aided system that performs production planning and inventory control activities Is a system.

Software And Hardware Integrations

Experienced software and hardware for integration and organizing work New to its software and its We produce technological solutions. By integrating it with planned and planned infrastructures in accordance with the needs of companies Transforming the solution.

GTS-CRM Software

In order to better understand the expectations of the CRM is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and software developed in this direction is called the CRM program.

Statistical Process Control System Software

Quality control to improve quality of product and service, statistical It gives importance to the thought, that this field of ambiguity and irregularity running system software.