Manufacturing Execution Systems MES
What Is MES?

MES is a production execution system. To perform MES production processes, Follow-up and reporting.


MES, production machine monitors, robots and workers It takes 1- 5 SECONDS every production data in real time.

High Productivity

MES enables efficient and solution oriented production operations. The reasons for the pause, employee personnel, device failure records, You can proactively control your production with MES reporting.


Industry used in MES 4.0. Monitoring, evaluation, reporting with new technologies, getting information, Control in real time. IT decision support systems with MES, quality and maintenance activities Managable. It also helps to control the phases such as quality and stock control in a planned way.


GTS Production management systems can be personalized according to the sector as well as the company's desired formality Management software. It is necessary to determine the production of goods, resources and services suitable for the format of the company. Analysis.

Integrated Manufacturing

The company can be integrated into enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, And the quality chain is up to the delivery chain to complete the management chain. With mobile MES, you can follow production instantly, you can be informed about reports and processes.