GTS Teknolojileri ve Yazılım Hizmetleri

Founded in 2012, GTS Technology and Software Services has been at the forefront of solution-focused software work with the leading companies in the sector since its inception and thanks to the friendly and sincere communication that it has established with its customers, GTS Technology and Software Services have reached pride of fulfilling customer satisfaction completely.

Our Mission

Reflect innovative experiences with the experience gained by providing solution-oriented software to its customers in a wide range of sectors; Using technology to move forward every aspect of the business world.

Our Vision

To become a software company whose reputation has been crossed by its name with its innovative applications and solutions.

Our Values

  • Produce a customer-focused solution
  • Transparent and honest business mentality
  • Innovation and development
  • Continuous technology follow-up
  • Accurate and deep sector analysis
  • Friendly and sincere communication
  • Our Working Style

    The company adopts the Extreme Programming methodology in the software it produces and follows an extremely flexible development process by developing serial software with continuous customer communication. Thus, we provide quick solutions to our customers' changing or unpredictable needs. Each software will have points to add or fix. The lengthy and problematic analysis stages do not provide anything to both the client and the software developer. This leads us to the most auspicious path, making the customer a member of the software development team. Thanks to this, the resulting software product a to z is what the customer wants. We see better customer needs and developments that better understand software development dynamics. The biggest demonstration of this is that our customers who we produce solutions always come up with new ideas. Our customers, who are offered solutions to every part of their operations, grow with us and use the innovations of the age as much as possible at every step of the power to facilitate and speed up the technology.

    Industrial Automation & Software Solutions

    We offer Industrial Software solutions that enable you to monitor your company's field processes instantly and access all reports at any time.

    Mobile Software Solutions

    All our software we have developed; We produce custom software based on Android, IPhone, Windows Mobile.

    Web Software Solutions

    We develop special software that you need in your company's management processes to save you from labor and time loss, and to focus on the work you do.

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