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Industry 4.0 Solutions

With Industry 4.0 : Provides optimal quality and productivity to your company with software solutions between machines.

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Continuously Developing with New Technologies

Innovative approach to provide the right solutions using the latest technologies.

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Customer Based Project Management

We develop special software that you need in your company's management processes to save you from labor and time, and to focus on the work you do.

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The Right Data Warehouses: Data Mining

It provides data analysis and software solutions that reduce inventory costs and increase the efficiency of business processes.

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GTS Technology Solutions

  • Production Monitoring System (MES)

    Industrial Software

    Automatic Data Collection

    Online Tracking

    OEE Reports

    Performance Reports

    Polyvalence Management

    Andon & Kanban Management

    Automatic Label Management

    Operation Card Management

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    Industrial Software

    Commodity Acceptance

    Location Management

    FIFO & LIFO Management

    Cycle Counting

    Work Order Management

    Capacity Management

    Performance Reports

    Transfer Management

    Dispatch Management

  • Management Software

    Industrial Software

    Suggestion System

    Document Tracking System

    Patient Tracking System

    Patient Tracking System

    6S Management

    Healthy and Safety System

    Project Management

    Training Module

    Activity & News Management

  • Web Based Custom Software

    Special for customer

    CRM Software

    Micro ERP Software

    MRP Software

    Software and Hardware Integrations

    Remote Access and Control Systems

    Statistical Process Control Systems

  • Mobile Software Solutions

    Special for customer

    Anroid Software Solutions

    iOS Software Solutions

    Industrial Mobile Software Integration

    Integrating with ERP Module

    Integrating with CRM Module

  • Software and Automation Project Solutions

    Special for customer

    Business Analysis Services

    Consultancy Services

    Technical Design Services

    Software Testing Services

    Maintenance and Support Services

    Training Services


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